As po Travel, we set out in 2001 with our great ideals in order to provide you with quality service. To date, we are proud of meeting numerous customers. Our aim is to provide our valued customers with the best care and comfort. We offer you the convenience of your home when traveling with us. Your comfort and happiness is very important for our company. Your satisfaction is getting more and more every day. Vipo Travel is always with you for a trip with confidence and unparalleled comfort. After knowing the comfort we provide, we know that you will not hesitate to contact our company about all airport transfer issues.

What are we doing?

We care about the comfort of our valued customers, we work for you. By always keeping the profit margin in the second place, we always adopt the principle of working ourselves to do our work in a quality way.

What are our services?

With our various economic, luxury and VIP groups, we ensure that our guests from the airport are transported to their destinations perfectly. We never compromise on quality and offer the best service we can offer. We choose our drivers from our qualified people who can communicate easily with our customers, are knowledgeable in the business, knowledgeable at least, have at least one foreign language knowledge and have previously experienced such experiences.

What is the difference from other companies?

We always prioritize our customers’ comfort and budgets as a priority and first principle by keeping the profit margin in the second place. We are more investigative and more meticulous in our personnel choices. Every day of the year at the time requested by our guests to receive the best and perfect service from the service we provide. We appeal to all customer groups. Congress, Meeting, Seminar separate to separate Family; We are making accounts according to their budgets and we want our customers to decide freely on their travels with different preferences. Our customer representatives who have the ability of solution help us in the problems or questions of all our customers.

How do we offer service packs?

For small families Passenger cars are available on request (Vito, Caravelle) style. Available in larger family, group, meeting, convention, minibus and bus options. Our vehicles are up to 4 years old. Cleaning, Economic, Luxury and VIP group vehicles.